Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nordstrom wishlist!

Another day, another wishlist....this time for all those special things only Nordstrom can provide.


Nars Satin Lip Pencils in Descanso and Torres del Paine
This is a Nordstrom exclusive limited edition collection, guys! Descanso is a dirty pink and Torres del Paine a sweet peach, just begging to be paired with a floral dress (SO groundbreaking) and soft blush.... I can't afford them right now so I'll just dream about them from afar -- until the day comes where they're sold out and I cry myself to sleep.

Chanel Le Blush Créme de Chanel in Presage
Holy smokes isn't this the most beautiful thing? It's cream-to-powder and so so luxurious. Anything that gets an A+ from Temptalia needs to be on my list. I've never owned a Chanel product (and how strange that of all things it would be blush?) but this I very much want. Plus it's so spring-like! (Are you sensing a pattern here?)

REN Clarifying Toner Lotion
I already have two exfoliating toners, why do I need another one? Well, since you asked: the two I have are glycolic, while this REN one is lactic based. Apparently one of mine, via the skincare oracle Caroline Hirons, shouldn't be used every day as well. I think a third would give me a good range to go off of and then I can write a nice little toner review for you guys. :)

MAC Lipsticks in Plumful and Dubonnet
These are both two MAC shades I had heard nothing about until a month or two ago, when suddenly every blogger sung their praises for Plumful as a way to play the berry trend in a more wearable way. And it looked amazing on everyone! Sold. As for Dubonnet, it's a deep brick red that is so perfect for the season: I can't let it get away!

NARS Foundation Pump (not pictured)
This is sold out at the moment but I still need it -- my Sheer Glow is in dire need of a better dispensing system. The pour-out method is just not cutting it. Any suggestions on where I can find one (with free shipping, preferably?)

Nordstrom, I am coming for you! Soon. Maybe. If I win the lottery.

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